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Summary of Registered Nurse Rn job

  • Salary $40 to $44 Hourly
  • Benefits Offered Vision, Medical, Life Insurance, 401k, Dental
  • Employment Type Full-Time

Position Summary:

The Registered Nurse (RN) is responsible for coordinating and controlling the multi-disciplinary activities required providing a safe environment for patients undergoing pain procedures.

Accountable to:

Director of Nursing

Ideal Qualifications:

  • Must have a minimum of one year of experience in peri-operative nursing, including a thorough working knowledge of surgical and aseptic technique.
  • Have a working knowledge of the physiological and anatomical aspects of the pain procedure scheduled.
  • Must be a licensed nurse in the State of California and have current C.P.R. certification of BLS and ACLS.
  • Must be able to commutate and understand the English language, bother verbal and written.
  • Must possess the physical ability and perceptive acuity (e.g., visual, hearing) to satisfactorily perform al direct and indirect care functions.
  • May be expected to lift twenty-five pounds without assistance. Is required to obtain assistance when moving patients unable to assist in move, unless patient is in wheelchair or on gurney. May be required to push patients in wheelchairs or on gurneys. Will be expected to obtain assistance when needed.


  • Performance of the duties of the RN, according to the set standards, is crucial to the smooth flow of events before, during, and after a pain procedure. The RN should:
  • Be thoroughly familiar with and totally comfortable in the role of patient advocate, as applied to pain management nursing.
  • Assume the responsibility for improvement of patient safety during the state of enforced dependency created pre-operatively, intra-operatively, and post-operatively.
  • Be responsible for creating a safe, therapeutic environment in which the patient’s psychological, physiological and physical needs are identified, anticipated and met.
  • Provide a channel of communication between events and team members in the procedure room and persons who may not be in the immediate area, but who are concerned with the patient’s operative status.
  • Make provisions for instrument, supply, and equipment requirements of pain procedures, as assigned.
  • Be responsible for documenting accurate, timely data appropriately. (This includes documentation of Incident Reports, Nursing Notes, Log, etc.)

Compensation: Competitive

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Lags Medical Centers

Lags Medical Centers Is The Primary Care Musculoskeletal Provider For California's Ventura County, Central Coast, Central Valley, And Now Portland, Oregon. Lags' Commitment To Total Wellness And Holistic Healing Is Rooted In The Use Of Non-invasive, Ethical, And Cost Effective Treatment Plans That Help Patients Manage And Alleviate Pain. Lags Has A 15 Year Record Of Working Closely With Community Health Centers, Community Healthcare Providers And Insurers To Create Meaningful Relationships With Patients And Treatment Plans That Work. Lags Medical Centers Provide Treatment Options For Patients That Focus On Total Wellness. Our Treatments Are Intended To Be Restorative, Minimally Invasive And Avoid The Expenses Of Long Term Medications. In California's Ventura County, Central Coast And Central Valley, Lags Works Closely With County Community Health Centers, As Well As Concentra In Fresno. We Have Become The Preferred Provider In Pain Management For The Regions' Medi-Cal Populations And Now Lags Is Opening The First Oregon Facility In Portland.
Very professional but relaxed environment Wonderful coworker s and providers take time out of there day to teach you small things here and there if there is downtime Great starting pay
Being a pain clinic I m limited in options as what I can do as a medical assistant Mostly taking medical histories and giving an occasional injection otherwise your assisting the provider with more in depth injections or procedures but hey that s not even much a con
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  • Francis Lagattuta - Director Francis Lagattuta ( Director )
  • Vacancy Location: Modesto, CA
  • Vacancy job: Registered Nurse Rn
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