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Exciting New Opportunity for a Registered Nurse!

We are seeking a Registered Nurse / RN to join our team! You will be responsible for the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of assigned patients.


RN certified in the state of Minnesota


ICU/Emergency Room experience


  • Administer nursing care to ill, injured, or disabled patients
  • Diagnose and establish patient treatment plans
  • Monitor and report changes in patient symptoms or behavior
  • Communicate with collaborating physicians or specialists regarding patient care
  • Educate patients about health maintenance and disease prevention
  • Facilitate referrals to other healthcare professionals and medical facilities
  • Maintain accurate patient medical records
  • Provide advice and emotional support to patients and their family members


  • Previous experience in nursing or other medical fields
  • Familiarity with medical software and equipment
  • Ability to build rapport with patients
  • Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment

Room for Growth!!

Offering SignOn-Relocation Bonus for the right candidate

Contact Healthcare Recruiter:

Steven 218-789-4111 or [email protected]

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The business model Andy offers is attractive for independent types that already have an established clientele of healthcare clients that they can recruit for Commission only on a draw that is negotiable The other recruiters in the office are great Nice and helpful and pleasant to be around
NOT FOR NEW RECRUITERS Andy The con is the man himself During the interview process I was skeptical about working for him because he s so ADD that he doesn t complete sentences he is super fidgity in person he talks in circles and repeats himself over and over He s difficult to follow or understand However because I wanted to build a career in Healthcare Recruiting I felt I could just dismiss these weird habits and try to learn from him as he claimed would happen Andy has built a great business for himself and is trying to scale his business by bringing on new recruiters however this is where anything positive ends He claimed in the interview that I would be learning the trade from him one of the best So I went in eager to spend at least a week learning from him ie getting trained listening to his calls learning the industry etc But that did not happen at all I got zero training on any of the software or processes and he spent no time educating me on the industry He literally wanted me to sit down with an old hotsheet so cluttered and full of old info and wanted me to just start calling people I was not permitted to do any research on who I was even calling He just wanted me dialing numbers In every sales job I have EVER had I was given adequate training on the basics of the industry how to navigate the calls handle objections etc Andy refused to give any of this and when I was reluctant to bang out 50 calls in 3 hours with zero knowledge of what to say he would get irritated and angry Instead of approaching it with a helpful mentoring attitude he treated me with disrespect on the highest of levels Andy s temper is short and he s irritable He is so far from a manager coach or mentor that I caution anyone that has never run a recruiting desk to even consider this position BTW I have 15 years of sales experience but I don t know the recruiting lingo or tradecraft I am a confident salesperson when given the ammo I need to succeed After his 3 or 4th time belittling and disrespecting me with a horrible attitude I explained that this wasn t going to work and got up a walked out I have never done that in my life That s how terrible it was The episodes that caused me to walk out As I sat there struggling with calls because I don t know any of the lingo or how to handle these particular objections one of the other recruiters offered to have me sit in on two of his cold calls to which I was so thrilled to do In those 20 minutes I learned more than I had in the 6 days prior to which I only got to hear Andy on the phone ONCE with business I drummed up I then got on the phone and made way more confident calls and actually got 2 potential job orders all it took was listening to a pro and hearing his flow Of course while I was in there listening to this other recruiter Andy came storming into his office and asked what the hell I was doing and proceeded to tell me that these recruiters are here to run a desk not train me Boy did that fire me up because he unleashed on me when the other recruiter is the one that offered I didn t ask So even in my angered state I sat down and proceeded to knock out a bunch of good calls just after hearing this guy flow on his calls Andy was in his office for the 2 hours with the door closed while I worked on these calls As timing would have it just as I was going into PCR to attempt to was trained for a total of 5 mins on PCR document all the notes from those calls he comes blazing over looked on my computer where he saw me attempting to put notes into PCR and he asked me what the _______ I was doing and that I should be on the phone I had just made 15 thorough calls and was making sure I didn t get behind on documenting them This was after him telling me to quit taking notes on paper on day 2 that I needed to learn to take digital notes He said you don t need notes just get on the _____ phone I mean it was simply mindblowing how Andy treated me I would never recommend any new recruiter work for him Absolutely terrible management He thinks he s running the Boiler Room and even has the Coffee is For Closer s poster in the office Insert Eyeroll New Flash Andy treating people like _____ is not how to lead
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  • Vacancy Location: Benson, MN
  • Vacancy job: Registered Nurse Rn
  • Rate: negotiable
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